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Phase-1 of the software solution aims at enabling DDO's of PB/AIR/DD to post monthly transactions of Receipts/ Payments and generate and print Receipts & Payments Account with accompanying annexures and statements. It will also function as a tool for management to analyse periodic data for long time financing strategies.

Designed & Developed by : IT Division, DG : AIR
Technical Support (Between 10 AM - 5 PM)
Mr. Priyank Saxena, Engg.Asstt., IT Division, DG:AIR, mob:9873088987, e-mail:priyank@air.org.in
Operational Support
1. Sh. Rajneesh Goel (DDA) 011-23351347
2. Sh. A.K.Khushu (Consultant)Accounts 09412739211
3. Sh. V.K.Sharma (Sr.AO)Accounts 011-23352651
e-mail: prasarbharati123@gmail.com